There’s no such thing as the perfect kid…

A lot of us seem to think that our kid is perfect; heck, I have four kids, and I think they’re all perfect in their own way. But they’re not. Nobody is perfect and I fear that when we tell our kids they’re perfect, it forces them to grow up in a way they shouldn’t have too. While, telling them they’re perfect can bring lots of self confidence, it can also bring stress. They’ll never want to let you down- can you imagine the headaches that’ll bring when they have to explain a bad grade, an accident in bed, a fight at school or with a sibling? I don’t think it’s fair for a parent to call their child perfect in an imperfect world. Give them a chance, let them know that it’s okay to mess up at life — we learn from it! We make mistakes and we get up and move passed it. Everyone makes mistakes, because nobody is perfect. The sooner we teach our children this, the sooner we have less jerks in the world! 

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