Who’s the Mom?

I feel as a Mom people think I’ve ducked up. I say ducked because a whole lotta moms frown upon fowl language. As if we’re not all adults feeling the same way, like we’ve fucked up somewhere along the way as parents. (Oh. And auto correct is a bitch…) 

A child that curses isn’t the worst that can happen, hate to break it to you but that shit happens, it’s a faze. My daughter had this faze where she’d call anything and everyone an “asshole”. I couldn’t believe my ears. Like, I didn’t know how to approach this and it was my fault. I use the word, I had to deal with it. 

Well, long story short, my little girl and her cute little “baby accent” would look at someone and say those words. “You assha…” they’d stare at me and I’d smile. “She thinks you’re awesome! Sorry if it sounds a bit wrong. Haha.” Well played, although some didn’t buy into my crap, like my mother for example. She knew damn well that her granddaughter looked her square in the eye and called her an asshole- and it was my fault. Like mother, like daughter.

 I have control over these situations and I feel that laughing it off may or may not be the answer but hey, who am I to say she can’t say it? I use the word randomly. I say “oh shit!” and “oh fuck…” quite a bit too, so if she repeats it and I say “don’t say that!” or even worse, punish her. I don’t think that’s fair. I think what’s fair is letting her learn on her own that the word (or words) aren’t as “cool” as they sound. It took my daughter 3 (extremely long) months to stop using the damn word, but she eventually stopped. 

It felt great not having to tell people she’s calling them an asshole, as she began to really call people awesome. It truly felt like a milestone us parents shouldn’t be afraid to write down. 

Seriously, I have the word “shit” as one of my sons first words in his word book – no shame. He learned that real quick. 

Now, you may be reading this thinking – “This mom is something. I can totally relate! Thank goodness I’m not alone in being a jerk parent.” OR you can be thinking “I’m never ever ever ever never ever following this crazy mom!” Either way, I will and always will be that Mom. 

These kids know it, you know and I know it. They misbehave, they curse, they yell and scream but they’ll never be the Parent! Once you realize that, what everyone else thinks is no longer your concern. You’re in control and a little curse here and there shouldn’t be the biggest deal. If you disagree, maybe you need to lighten the hell up. 

(We all know you secretly don’t give a crap if your kid curses, you only care how people around you feel!! If your kid cursed and you knew nobody would ever know, you’d chuckle. Don’t even lie) šŸ˜‰ 

I’m the Mom! Follow me, on my crazy ass parenting adventure. 

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