Healing process

As a Mother, I feel I never have time to worry about myself. I look in the mirror and feel almost disgusted with the person I’ve become, I am damaged. I am an emotional wreck, I cry for almost any reason. I get stressed easily and raise my voice when things get tough. I’m the Mom that I look at on the street and think “I’m glad I’m not like her.” I’m a woman, but I feel less. I feel worthless and compared to every woman I walk by. I’m insecure, I am damaged. I fear nothing could heal the pain in my heart, but my children. The days go by and I watch them grow into beautiful souls and I feel like I’ve accomplished more than I ever thought I could. I remember I’m raising four beings, I remember that I am only human and I am beautiful. I remember that giving birth to four children is why I was put on this earth. I remember, maybe I’m not that damaged, but healing. I’m alive, I’m a mother, and I’m hopeful that with time I can feel like me again. I can be a better me for me and a better being for my little beings. I can almost hear the words slipping from my mouth. “I’m not damaged, I’m healed.” 

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